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"Starting at 4 years old, when ever my mother would go out for any length of time my father would bring me up to his office in our house attic. Dad owned his company and worked from home almost every day. My daughter/dad love started over the Christmas holidays of that year. Mom was at work and dad was home, I was sitting on his lap. Then he kissed me on the lips but it was different. He kept kissing me getting me to open my mouth a little more each time. Soon my little tongue was in his mouth. I really liked kissing dad, I soon felt his had under my dress gently rubbing me between my legs. It felt strange but good. Five minutes later he slip my panties off, we stopped kissing and it was very quiet. Dad licked his pinkie finger and slowly started moving it up and down along my pussy. I didn't know what he was doing but it felt good. He kept licking his pinkie when it go dry and then rubbed some more. This went on for 15 minutes, I was watching him do this, and I was breathing harder I felt very hot and very warm down there. By instinct a leaned back so his pinkie would enter me as he moved his hand. Dad realized what I was doing and would party insert it in me. Within a few minutes I was breathing very hard and fast. I closed my eyes,and held dad's arm , and suddenly i felt dazy yell Dad! Everything got dark. I came to a minute later, my pussy felt so good. At 4 my father had brought me to orgasm. He said your such a good girl, I hope you liked it. I said yes, I was scared but I want it again. We repeated it several times a day for the rest of the vacation. On the third day dad I were both naked after mom left for work. He taught me to masterbate myself and him. I liked seeing how big his dick got and see him cum. So that how it started, i was still not in school so we had time to play sometimes into the night as mom often worked late. When she traveled on business which was alot, I slept in dad bed think I want to be his wife. As time went on we did more things oral started at 7 anal at 10. One day mom came home and told Dad she was leaving us, and wanted a divorce as she was in love with someone else. She said I should stay with Dad as she was moving to New York. I was not really mad with Mom, she was only around 4 or 5 days a month and never had time for me. With mom gone, I told Dad I was his wife now. He smiled and said you have been for years my sweet heart. At 14 he took my virginity and now 25 years later we relocated and are still together and lover. We have 2 children, and live like we are married. I stayed with him as an adult of my own free will. The sex is still fantastic, we fuck for an hour at a time. And we still play the masterbating game with me sitting on his lap. That makes me cum so hard."

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