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"I made a terrible mistake when I married my wife. We were only dating I while when I met her family. I hit it off with them all especially her 21 year old brother Ron. He was gay, but it was no issue for me. We hung out a lot and really enjoyed being with him, I found myself wanting to go out on the weekend with him rather than his sister. I married her, but I felt drawn to Ron. On night at a club, we were all together it was dark and it was packed as a famous local band was playing. My girlfriend ran to the stage with her friends. Ron and I were way in the back and i was leaning on the back wall as more people came to the club Ron suddenly was stepped back to make room and he ass pressed back against my cock. Someone knocked into and he lost his balance, I grabbed him around the waist and my had slid down to his cock. As i pulled my hand back he took my hand and guided it back dick. He reach back with his other hand and pulled gently forward so my cock was against his ass again. I got dizzy, from this my cock was getting hard from a man touch. I found myself rubbing his cock outside his pants. He was so hard, then I felt his cock twick several times and I then the wetness Ron had cum. He turned around and kissed me. I was shaking and then kissed him long and hard. It was to much for me I came in my pants. I text his sister and said we were leaving someone had spilled a drink on us and we were going to my place as it was close by. It took only 5 mintues to get to my apartment. Ron had his shirt off in the car, his body was rock hard. We barely got the door closed when we were pulling our clothes off. I was so hard Ron was sucking me then I said give you sweet ass. He bent over the arm of the sofa, the lube was on the coffee table from earlier that night when I had fuck his sister. I lubed my cock and fucked him bareback. It was the best sex I ever had. His ass was so tight. I fucked him for ten minutes and said I have cum. Ron was moaning and said inside me please. I then gave him it all. We collapsed on the floor, my cock still hard inside him. I started kissing him saying I love you. I've loved you for months. He was crying, I've been dreaming of this since we met. His cock was hard, and I held it, you can jerk it, I know you never have sucked one before. I kissed him again and took it in my mouth, he helped me guiding my head up and down. Finally he tensed, and I tasted cum for the first time, gagging but swallowing it. We fell asleep, when we woke up we got dressed just as his sister came it. It's 5 months later and we are meeting almost daily at his apartment to steal and hour or two together making love. I'm having trouble getting hard with my wife. I have to close my eyes and think of his ass. I want a divorce, so we can be together. My soul mate is not a woman, but a man. I love him so much. "

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