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"I'm a good looking 45 year old very in shape man. 6 feet tall and a 190 pounds. I am the senior partner of a very successful 50 person law firm in New York. I estimate I've fuck at least 400 women in my life. But all the fucking stopped 4 years when I started having an affair with my married neighbor. She is the complete opposite of me. Most people would say she is a plain Jane. She is only 5 feet tall and fat weighing about 175 pounds. Her husband is never around, so we have dated openly. Friends ask me why I stay with her, as I could have any woman. I just answer I love her. What I don't say is Gloria is the best fuck I have ever had. She is an animal in bed, she want sex 3 times a day. And has no shame, she has blown me dozens of times at clubs when we go dancing with people watching. Most weekends we leave the bar, we find a not so quite place outside and I fuck her ass. She cums like mad if we get caught. I love her fat body and wild sex. I also asked her to divorce her husband. And marry me, I gave her a 4 caret ring last week and she said yes. We then fuck like dogs for a week. My cock is still sore. I love fucking that fat bitch. "

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