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"My husband died when my son was 2 years old I was only just 19 years old. For 12 years my son was my life, and slept with me every night. When he turned 13, I would wake up most the mornings with him spooning me. His cock would be hard and press between my ass cheeks. And his hand on my pussy often with a finger inside me. I said nothing, as it felt so good after 11 years without a man. Finally, on the night of his 14 birthday, we got into bed and kissed him like a woman kisses her husband. He was rock hard in a minute. I took off my sleep shirt displaying my body to him and guided his mouth to my tits for him to suck. Soon I was soaking wet, I climbed on him and guided his beautiful penis into me. I came quickly and he came inside me soon after. I was pure heaven being with him. 15 years have passed and we are in love and lovers. We never used protection hoping I WOULD GET pregnant. Finally when he was 17 and I was 34, I had our beautiful daughter. We are a perfect family and live openly like man and wife in a city out west."

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