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"My grandfather impregnated his daughter when she was 13. Mom have birth to me on her 14 birthday. When it was discovered he was the father he was sent to jail, for rape and incest. On our join birthday i was 4 and mom 18 birthday, her father was killed in prison. And due to a 5 million dollars life insurance policy found herself wealthy. We quietly moved across country, and disappeared. By 14, I could pass for 18. That summer, we became even closer than we had been. On the night of July 4th, we simply started kissing and made love. I was 14 mom was 28. Mom had only been with her father, so we learned together the art of love making. 40 years have passed and we are still together. I'm 54 and mom is 68. We have not spent a day or night apart in my life. We also moved when mom became pregnant. I was 16 mom was 30. Our daughter knows everything, but doesn't care. Because she knows we are truly in love."

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