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"I'm a 21 year old woman, I finally escaped by parents at 19. Mom and Dad were both continually molested by their fathers from age 5 until 18. It fucked them up badly, when I was 9, I began to develop tits. I guess that set them both off, as they made me sleep in their bed. Then they both started to moleste me. By 10, I was engaged in nightly threesomes with them. So for 9 years I was their sex toy. I ate more pussy and shallowed more cum than you can imagine. My father has a huge cock almost 10 inches, and sex was so painful. But by 11, my pussy was well trained from constant fucking by dad and mom using dildos on me. In the two years since I left I found can't cum without them fucking me. I've tried men, woman, group sex, dildo, even fuck machines. Nothing, I don't get aroused, wet or cum. I hate myself, last night I called them and begged for them to let me come home and be their play thing again. I hate them for making me cum so hard during sex. But I hate myself even more for needing and wanting them to abuse me. I miss sex with my parents so much. I'll do anything they want to feel good again."

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