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"At a memorial day weekend party last year, I met this 20 year old latina chick, Lily she was only about 5 feet tall and weighted at least 250 pounds. I'm 30, white and in fantastic shape. We both drank a lot and we ended up at her apartment. She gave me head, and I wanted to fuck her. But she said she had her period, and to fuck her ass. Which I did bareback. I'm 9 1/2 inches long and most women can't take my cock anally, but she could. It felt so good and I did not rush and lasted 30 mintues before I came inside her. At first she was crying in pain, but with in minutes was humping back against my cock. She came several times, as she squirts and there was a puddle of her girl cum on the floor. We collapsed on the floor and I held her tight, kissing her neck. She was crying softly, I asked if she was alright thinking I hurt her. She said no, that was the best sex she ever had and never came like that. We ended up together for the rest of the weekend having amazing anal sex. We also spent time out of bed, going to museums. It was a new world for Lily. She and only had 4 dates in her life and 3 sex partners, who used her for booty calls. I really enjoyed our time together. But over the next month Lily became distant and seem only to want me for sex. We had started regular sex and oral by then. I want to go out with her, but we would end up in bed. Finally on friday night she said, there must be something fucked up with me to be with a fat pig like her. She started crying, get the fuck out of here. I don't want you. Over and over. Most guys would just leave but I realized I could not, I loved her. I pulled her to me and she started hitting me, get out, get out. I hate you. I held her tighter, and said but I love you. I hate being away from you. I want to date and go places. I want a family with you. She cried even more, look at me am a pig, and you your prefect. I kissed her hard and she kissed back. No Lily, your perfect, you are the girl I always wanted and needed. You really love me? I said I did. Then she said I have loved you since the started. We started kissing and made love all night. A year has passed, and we are still together. This weekend us our wedding. People talk about us the fat girl and the hot guy. But to me Lily is the hot one. I have eyes for no one else. "

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