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"In the same day, I had sex with a 19yo girl and a 45yo woman. The girl is in one of my college classs. The woman is a teacher of mine. This wasn't the first time. They don't know about one another. I broke it off with both of them because my conscience overcame my libido. Still, I'll never forget when I broke the condom with my nail and emptied my balls into my teacher. The 19yo girl was different; she never asked for a condom, and I enjoyed being the first and only man to cum in her young pussy. She didn't enjoy swallowing, but I made her do it anyway (her first time). I made her give her anal virginity to me. Finally, I talked her into fucking another man just to please me. I used to choke her and make her call me Daddy as I filled her with my seed. She swore she would spread her legs for me whenever I wanted, even if she got married in future. I'm considering going back to her. She used to wait in bed, naked, at the specified time; I would enter her home, undress, and fuck her without saying a word. She says she loves me; I know she does, because she fucks other men when I tell her to. (We still talk...) I know I'm a monster. I just don't care."

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