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"would prefer to be going out, o'sullivans idea of love is crying and hugging, my idea of love is lavish expensive luxuary holidays and dining out and going to events dressed up together and being treated nice. my idea of love is having a baby together and being their for each other not her bullshit. no woman wants to be told "oh your man will be old and have badly looked after feet and you won't go out much" and I told police this was complete abusive corruption of this foul demonic woman. you mongrel murdering bitch o'sullivan you should be killed - first of all you make out I got you raped when how could i get you raped when I was a child, I don't know witchcraft, I had no control over the men you were with, I had nothing to do with your issues, then you get people to abuse me and all this satanic rubbish of trying to make me some old nun no man wants. well fuck you dog. i don't have to live by your prophecy rubbish clavioyant witchy non-sense. I want to go out and be wined and dined lavishly always have and always will, yes I like home time as well and family life and quiet time but I like to go out classy places as well, you senile retard. no woman wants to hear the morbid depressing rubbish you spin! you dirty spider, your so lazy you seen bruises and signs of abuse as a teacher and did nothing to help. you deserve to be punished for that."

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