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"I'm a 19 y/o female and i had sex with my dad last night. A couple of girlfreinds an I were going out on the town, he had very high hopes of finding some decent guys to spend the night with ( not easy in this one horse town) Anyway I had worn my white sheer blouse with a white lace bra underneth, a short leather mini and a 6" pair of heels. The one thing i did not have on was a pair of panties. ( I dislike them) I was walking down the stairs to leave the house when at the same time dad was walking along the side of the stairs on the floor below. He looked up and said " oh my god you shave your pussy" Now i dont know who was most embarrassed dad or me. I dont know why but I said it but i said " All the guys love a shaven pussy" To which he said " i wish your mom would shave her pussy for me" The next words i said still seem unreal to me. If you want a better look, come upstairs to my room. I turned and walked back up stairs to my bedroom, I dared not look behind me in case he had not followed me. As I lay on the dad waiting, dad came in and locked the door behind him. He got up on the end of the bed and I opened my legs so he could get a good look of my pussy. Next thing i know he has spread my lips and his licking my pussy. Well one thing led to another and we ended up having sex. And i even let him shot inside me. ( he had the snip after i was born) I must confess that i loved making my dad happy. And I think we will do it again really soon. x"

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