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"I miss great music and going out to fun night clubs but I have no friends or boyfriend to share the experience with, I have not been in a night club since 2004. I just got sick of michelles shit and her drink driving and her female friend had a boyfriend and I couldn't fit in anywhere I made so many mistakes like the night I met a hot latino guy like ricky martin, he came up to me in the nightclub bar I was alone having a drink there cuz I said to michelle I need to go think and get a drink, and breathe... and I was wearing a nice black satin skirt and i was thin and blonde then and I remember caressing his hand with the mark of the z and I was dumb and nervous cuz he was trying to chat me up and I should have taken the bait but I was afraid to I want to but i was afraid , he was tall and thin and good looking. but "


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