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"why I love chai seeds they are high in protein, vitc, b and a, omegas, iron, and low fat, the pudding in a coconut water or just throw some seeds in a bottle of water for a good nutritious after workout protein replacement, I love coconut milk/and water because it is high in iron and vit c, b magnesium, calcium, and is cleansing for the whole body, gi tract and liver detox, antibacterial, antifungal and my sports nutrition teacher said milk is a great alternative hydrator after exercise that is unestimated compared to plain water, she says cows milk is good and whole butter, I bought some coconut butter and it is nice. and the coconut oil is greaat as a breath freshner and teeth whitener for skin conditions and its relaxing, althought the best oil to cook with is still olive or I also like grapeseed oil. but if you have iron b c and other deficencies coconut and omega is very good. I love chai seeds and I love watercress on whole egg or salmon and beetroot and cheese and horseradish sandwiches. "

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