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"wake up to the lies these elites rich and job empowered breeding classes are doing to certain groups who have been sexually abused who they call the unworthy to live. prince charles and dickwankold fart philip have come out with outrageous nazi statements about disability abused women like me and I don't have to tolerate this abuse and social exclusion and neglect which is an evil act along with their rapes and pedos they got to abuse me and my relatives then they try to blame it all on women like me when they know the wicca they are the power brokers up to no good, and should be killed off and destroyed. the queen has killed children in orphanages and eaten them, this tells you a lot about how they operate and abuse. william and kate and harry and whoever he marries will abuse they have been abusing with black wicca evil sickos abusing kids, then abusing them again as adults, causing them illness, removal from all social outlets jobs and relationships and its not acceptable, ricky martin is one of their prime leaders of evil for his useless dirty south amerian scumbums breeding animal mongrel dna scum! italian south american scum. dirty bloods!"

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