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"sue is a pothead a real dumb one at that. an insult to pot heads. arrogant peterpan type with a serious attitude problem. she projects her faults tirelessly and raves on how great she is and that everyone else is a retard. the freaking woman is in her 50s for christ sakes but goes on like a silver spoon trust fund brat 9th. grade cheerleader. she has a band, the band sucks. she has a husband, he looks like she's sucking the life out of him. i ask her nicely to regard the rules of the home where i abode but what do i get instead, name calling, assaulting my integrity, bitchfests about how i'm the fucktard with the 'tude. man we got cops in the building along with NSA and some homeland security shit. do not toke in the fucking place you moronic sluthog. i also love the fact she'll rip anyone off, even cancer sufferers. then explain herself 'til the flesh drops from your bones in angst. nothing more to say, she just won't stop. i wish she'd either grow the fuck up, stay away or eat shit and die. "


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