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" I HATE YOU SO MUCH ALRIGHT we were never friends to begin with i hated him and i don't know about him and i don't give a fuck to what he thinks of me.but today he seriously crossed the fucking line for me . like i put so much fucking effort in making that prop with my friends for our annual day function of our school. and today when we went to practice to the theatre. HE FREAKING BROKE THE PROP FROM THE UPPER LEFT CORNER NOT BROKE RATHER RIPPED IT. now the thing is it wasn't my prop as in i am not going to use it tomorrow at the function another girl was, but i made it . and my friends who weren't even participating had to come to school to help me out with it.AND ALL THAT EFFORT WENT TO WASTE.the girl who had to use it went on stage and our choreographer went nuts after seeing the prop broken he yelled at her for doing AND THE GIRL STARTED CRYING .. just now we came back from theatre and i actually went to give him a piece a my mind and all he said was "i didn't do it on purpose okay it was a mistake" LIKE YOU COULD'VE RIPPED IT APART AFTER THE FUNCTION WHICH IS TOMORROW FOR ALL I CARE BUT YOU HAD TO MAKE A BIG FUCKING MISTAKE TODAY ONLY RIGHT BEFORE THE DAY OF THE FUNCTION.. SERIOUSLY YOU ARE THE FUCKING WORST. we did fix the prop with all that we had but it looks so bad...i needed to get this out..that's it.and one thing other than death which is guaranteed is that i will keeping on hating him for ETERNITY "


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