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" I seriously fucking hate you Soo fucking much. We barely had what? Three real sentences exchanged between us, but the morest I think about though, the more I realize how fucking horrible you are. I hate you so much. I hate you. Glad to finally be saying it, even if it is here. Stupid ass, dull, rude, cock sucking, time wasting, virgin acting like you've got women you're fucking. Okay, let me try. Does posting that that mean anything? Will people see it and be like "oh my dayum. You're having sex." I'm man enough to admit I'm not, and after my ex, I fucking need a break from whores. Meanwhile you wouldn't know anything about that, and probably couldn't even get the ugliest women to have pity sex with you. Fuck, I hope to never have to talk or communicate with you in any way shape or form. Fuck you. I am glad we over and the marriage and relationship talk is over. its all over. "


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