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"INTERESTING. STORY AHEAD: I self harm, I now know that isn't the most logical answer but for people who still do Stay strong, you'll win this battle/battles The only person I EVER told was my best friend. I refused to show her since it was THAT terrible. The next day we met up and she said that she self harms too(which hurts me more than anything) it was on her wrists . I was convinced she slit her wrists until I really looked at her arm. She lied. She then responded with "Well you lied too since you didn't show me your scars" So, I did She looked and me and sniggered "You're honestly ridiculous. And you're black . I thought black people don't cut" Those words fucked me up more than ANYTHING I heard that she is spreading it around our school which is my fear. This is one of the main reasons I don't trust people anymore."


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