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"Hello...I'm a 41yr Indian guy who is married with two kids. And my sister is 42 also married with three kids.anyway we always go on holiday together mine and her family and the last time we went on holiday we all was at the pool side except my sister so I said to my sisters husband give me their hotel room key and I go and get my sister....I walked into my sisters hotel room she just came out of the shower and was wearing black stockings red gstrings just done her makeup and was looking so pretty and sexy my cock shot up 8"z and my sister sister turned around and saw me and said what you doing here?? At the same time she noticed my cock pointing out of my shorts...her tits was showing (nice and small) my sister tried to cover herself up and leave please I'm getting changed I said no I don't think so and told her hey Suk ur lovely and pretty and sexy and I want to make love to cock by this time was dripping and explosed through my shorts my sister saw my dick cum through my shorts and said no while my sister was in shock I grabbed her kissing struggling licked her pussy and then held her arms down while her legs apart and FUKED her I came inside my sisters fanny but kept on FUKING her I came again turned her over and FUKED her ass cumming again....I must of cum five times I skissed her she couldn't talk... I got up put my shorts up and said Suk thanks I enjoyed that... she said fuk of you raped me I hate you...I left .....then when we got back she said she was pregnant...I couldn't care less my sister is so pretty and sexy I drugged everyone ie my wife and my sister husband and took pictures of my sister naked then made a video of me FUKING me licking her clit and tit and now I'm blackmailing my sister to have sex with me every week..she hates it first but now she loves it ... My wife doesn't know... I love my sister in a sexual way and I fuk her seven times cumming inside her every time...that's love... She wants me to leave her alone but I can't I have tried. "

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