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" HATE CRIME and Torture. I want to know the best way to script my petition form to have the most impact and express the most important points in regard to satanic abuse and bullying that has been like a hate crime abuse for a number of years most due to the fact that my great uncle molested me and he might have abused a lot of children and I never got my time in court over that or over being raped and I need closure from all that hate abuse since being raped. the man who raped me has had a band of bullies abusing me just because I didn't appreciate his rape up for 16 hours and he caused me to have a stroke and then 15 years he had the audacity to come back and tried to attack me again causing me a illness where I was in and out of hospitals and he was getting people to bully me. I just want the abuse to stop. its gone too far with doctors, paramedics and churches and other people joining in on the bullying. I have medical conditions and they bullying to a point its like they are trying to kill me. I want it stop and I could never love this rapist ever called ken carey. sorry but I can't love a man who didn't care that he caused me a stroke and raped me, he was married and fat and short and bald and tattoos and he seemed to think he was some catch for me as a single virgin and promised to "check over" a guy for me- this I never asked him to do and the words didnt make sense and were abusive and controlling and stupid but a lot of what he said was stupid . it started with joyce poorter abusing me for a number of years (her husband was a police officer and she got away with abusing a lot of clients due to this) and even as a child rich people like The Queen in UK, Princess Diana and Coca-Cola, Nick Van Eede and David Bowie and others abusing me and other groups including schools and to be honest as crazy as it sounds it has felt like witchcraft. 1 ring leader of the abuse has been my cousin patrick doonan who knows Suzi Quatro well and she is a satanic dressed in all that demonic talk and black she is evil and louise doonan my cousin who was married to nick van eede, and also other relatives, it has to stop. they have to be told to stop the bullying. stop trying to kill me, then wellington point family practice started abusing me getting my records mixed up with a woman by the same name as me and also not giving me treatment when I wanted it. and saying stupid things at me. not allowing me a relationship with a better man. I just want them to stop abusing me. sarina russo job network abused me also not allowing me to work or study between 2004-2010 when I left them and wrote a letter to a employment minister in canberra about the nazi abuse she was doing on certain victims of crime, she seemed to get off and get her jollies off on abusing victims of serious rape and sexual trauma as a child. I just want the hate everywhere to stop against me all these years since the age of 5 when the house burnt down and sometimes we believe it was a arson attack on our family. we just don't know where to begin but our health and our hearts and lack of employment over the last 30 years has been too shocking. I long to be married and have a child and I don't understand why its so complicated for me when its not ment to be and other women are finding love after suffering, has anyone suffered as long and quietly and as lonely as me? I am 46 and never been married and have no children and no friends for the last 30 years. I have no job, no property on welfare and barely any rights and I fear that the ambulance services will abuse me and tell me to go away like other doctors did. I fear never having a husband and never being free ever again. I am sick of these chains and the depression and ptsd and anxiety and isolation and poverty wearing me down over this. the churches that have been bullying and abusive to me are bayside family Christian church - I have nothing nice to say about Paster tony and margie over there they are evil sicko people that refer to god as "big daddy" and it sounds dirty and pedophilic and sickens me that they would try to abuse me and these black Somonian/New Zealand Maori islanders were saying I had to do penance for being sexually abused as a child of 5 -15 and what I did and what the pedo got me to do that I had to do penance over this and my doctor said I don't have to at all and that is abuse and evil. they were selling drugs on the premises and I dobbed them into the cops, so they took revenge on me, then this anna-maria lioebl and bob johnson from a touch of love ministries and city bridge church at logan lea , anna maria introduced me to a Vaun Lee and his wife at City Bridge church but that is when they were just continuing the bullying and were abusive towards me, if I had known anna-maria liobel was a former prostitute and drug addict I would probably not hung around her but she made out she was helping me and she was a reformed person then she went all weird chasing men everywhere and highly erratic, and paster bob johnson kept trying to push me and anna maria together but I could not cope with her erratic crazy behavior over men and sexual non-sense and flirty rubbish. she hurt me, and then I was stalked by a kid called Laucky Lee at Lota wanting nude photos of me and sex and he was just a child of 12 or 14 and I said no, go find a girl your own age. I was in and out of hospital in 2012 and 2013 and faced a lot of bullying and abuse at hospitals and ambulance staff. they make out on tv and media they care but when you need them its the exact opposite, they bully and abuse poor sick frightened patients in Australia like you would not believe. I have made complaints to the health ombudsmen and health minister and attorney general in qld and police but they don't do much. I complained to the Australian Medical Association who are a complete fakery of ethics and morals, they are the biggest toothless tiger out. I was bullied at QUT at the Law faculty and at St Mary's Ipswich and by catholic church bullies in Rome I asked him for help and he betrayed me saying "you want to give the coke can back to the church don't you" so I just said yes sure but I won't be there. joyce poorter a psychotherapist was having sex with clients both male and female she told me and her police husband in 2000 left her after she had an affair too many times. I was bullied while as a child when my parents where in the ALP australian labor party. "

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