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"my mum and I joke all the time because they have meetings at the local hospital about having a meeting and they then have to have another meeting to address that meeting before and the outcomes and then another meeting about what was not dealt with, they have to have a dozen meetings to work out what little wanker with the least amount of psychiatric or psychology skills goes over to the main public hospital to talk to a patient about the medication and usually its just a young naive social worker who has absolutely no knowledge of medications at all and are useless, they are so lazy and incompetant and all the money goes to the top and all these meetings they are always at with some waste yap fest while patients wait and wait and wait and wait is down right insulting to me and to the govt tax who pay for this. and this was the same with a friend of mine who was a nurse all the govt money was going to top staff for basic things and not to patients, the exact same process and mentality was happening at russo job network and I see it happening in a lot of places. their laziness and complacency is shocking. I don't understand their morals, well they just don't have any professional or personal morals that is half the problem beside the bullying culture and its at universities and work, I left one job due to sexual bullying and I was glad because I didn't like the uppty rude rich real estate asshole males anyway and the women were all whore and compelte ugly over makeup sluts and so bitchy and there was about 1 nice young girl I worked with at the time who was the nicest of them - these guys at the real estate were earning easily a few million a week with big sales and showroom cars new bought every few months. its all a scam of moeny. that is why I was so angry when garry who sold the house all he was was a cocaine snorting boilermaker with no education and ripping people off, no morals at all. my father seen it a lot at work as well. the complete lack of personal and professional morals was shocking. completely shocking. like I say the AMA - what do they do ? they stand for nothing. lazy useless stupid poxy little boys club of losers with no morals ripping off people who are needy and being abused. "

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