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"My girlfriend (N) and I broke up two years ago. We had too many insecurities and there was no communication. N blamed me for it and I believed her. N was hurt and mad. We were best friends before going out and we understood each other pretty well. So three months later (last year), we became friends again. I didn't forget her. I thought about trying again, but I was scared because I had hurt N before and I still didn't know how to manage a relationship. But not everything is about me. Her family is full of idiots. She always felt sad because of it, although last year she got worse. She felt empty. N told me that I was a great support because I make her laugh and forget all of that... I think she needs a friend more than a lover right now. If I told her about my thoughts of trying again, she'd have more troubles. Maybe we just can't be together, but I still have hope and I want N to get better. I know that I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to let go for still thinking that it can work, but I just wanted to tell somebody my feelings. I also know that the final result of this situation is probably me forgetting her."


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