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"do you know how it feels to be told every conceiveable thing you attempt to do or say your told "you won't be able to do that, because your too stupid" even down to sex and child birth and working in a shop or library ? have you any idea how battered that feeling is? and stalkers upsetting you stealing away your trust in every human being, bashers like katy stealing away every human faith or trust in others??? questioning everytime? "I wonder how she got him? I wonder did that woman have to bash someone to get him? who helped her? and why won't anyone ever help me?" why always these wrong weirods who are stupid, they don't know how to die because they have not faced death, they don't know how to live morally because they have not faced a scrap of their own death. and you expect me to talk to these spastics. no I won't! "

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