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"Sup bitches! So one time my friend and I were having a sleepover and we started playing dare or dirty dare. I was wearing a tee-shirt and undies and she was wearing a tee-shirt and shorts. So the game started getting dirty really, really quick. I had to hump her, she had to finger my pussy, I sucked on her tities, she licked me all the way from my thighs to my neck, so on and so forth. So then we masterbated each other, and it was amazing. She licked up all my cum and I licked up hers. We continued to finger each other until we both had an orgasm and even for a little while afterwards. I am usually so foreign to these sensations and now we do this overtime I go over to her house. I am so in love with the feeling and I was the one who introduced her to it but it makes me feel loved and stops all of my pain and anger at the world. I want a guy to watch me while I masterbate but I am only 12 years old. I am so in love with this memory because it makes me feel so special."


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