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"I hate living with my current housemates who are also my friends :( They are great as people. But they are the dumbest, laziest people I know. They never use their heads, the are so freakin careless with things that aren't there's, I have to live like a freakin maid to have a semi clean house. I'm a newly wed and should have to live like this. But for the sake of them not losing money, or being inconvenienced we decided to do them a favour. BIG regret. I can't stand to look at them anymore. I can't stand the sound of their voice. I get even more furious when I can even have fun in the bedroom because of the paper thin walls.. I hate that I can't even cook and enjoy a nice meal with my husband, because one of them eats like a horse, and it's a battle to get your fair share. I am SICK of it. I HATE this stuation. Feels really UNFAIR. I wish they would rack off and get their own place. NOT like they can't afford it anyways! They just want to save their own money while we have to cover all the costs! THE SUCK BUTT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! GET THE HINT! WE WANT OUR OWN SPACE!!! you can still be our friends... JUST GET OUT!"


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