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"After many years of not one thinking about this guy that I went to school with, fate would have it that we met up one night and my life hasn't been the same since! We went away a few times and although we're just friends we do sleep with each other. The thing is that he is everything I've imagined a guy should be. We laugh at the same things (which isn't a regular occurrence with people I meet), we talk into the wee hours of the night and even though we're so completely different, I respect his beliefs as he is slowly learning to respect mine. We can be together but not talk for hours and at the same time we can share how we're feeling with no judgment, shame nor fear. We've concluded that it would be best as friends as neither of us are ready to commit to a relationship and I guess that's purely out of fear. I've fucked up so many times that I feel like it's best that I not try as I don't feel that I'm ready to do completely right this time around. There's also the factor that we have pretty much nothing in common! I'm a firm believer in God and he is an atheist. I love shopping and fine dining and he's very much a budget/bargain hunter. All that aside, our souls belong together...I'm just not sure that he and I do though."


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