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"I am not going to see taxiride I woke up those guys were sick of seeing us so I stopped going in 2003, they can't relate to our struggles and they don't live in the real world. they are rich, I don't want to be accused of being in some whores way. after how michelle and doret and anna-maria and other women hurt me, I don't think I could bother having female friends because men always come between me and my female friends and I always miss out and I am sick of it. I got sick of the bullying and these big rich women and other people literally pushing us over to see the band. even joyce felt they should want her over me. so that says something. you learn your place in this world, just don't look around, just look down at the ground, space out etc, stare off into the distance and deliberately ignore sales people and charities. people wonder why I do that a lot but its safer. sometimes I deliberately get a vague confused look on my face like the character doogle like yesterday when this mother was expecting me to smile over her scretching 2 year old, sorry but not impressed by other peopes mongrel sprogs misbehaving and showing off! mum used to just sit there and jason waved at her and she just ignored him but she is like that we all or most men, she hates men, she has always told me no man would want me, and they are all cons and frauds and after just one thing and dumb ya, or they are just trying to take a lean on ya. its true that is really all men do. there is no such thing as a honest good man. most of them are murderers!"

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