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"there are other doctors who were abusive to me, I have reported, dr luke while I am grateful for everything he did for me because I believe if I had stayed at wpt fam prac wang and ludwig were out to kill me. there is no excuse for their laziness for referals to specialists or for getting my patient records mixed up with another patient by a similiar name, my mum does not accept mistakes when she worked in magagement in govt you were not allowed to make mistakes. I have been to kind and too forgiving. that has been my mistake. dr l said some very nasty things to me that upset me, he said things like "don't ever think you can study medicine because you will never understand it" well I do some and I don't have an ambition to be a doctor I had other ambitions and seeing you insulted me and you were making out I was trying to con you into medical tests which is not true. I was advised to see another gp by another specialist so I am not a liar I had to start at the begining. as for dr l medical skills I am grateful but didn't get what he ment saying "what would it take to push me over" to me that paraphrased into "I would like to kill you how can I get away with it" at the time. and I was scared and then anna maria told me her story about how you got an erection while examining her after and abortion and I didn't know what to think she just told me and said "oh don't tell me you are seeing dr l" and asked me what I thought. well what could I say? only what I observed in basic terms. but yeh I was offended a few times. then there were other doctors as well I complained about a 2 local ents who were verbally rude to me. I don't take kindly to drs who should know better who are paid enough to not step out of line. I personally , I am not paid enough to trust anyone! there was he 2 neurosurgeons I complained about who were rude to me. and then there was a few in hospital, one fat slut german cow of a he/she butch bullying doctor was so rude to me, I thought 'wow it is true you can't tell the staff from the patients here", then there was another doctor who was rude to me at the local hospital and in the city and then a few slutty whorey nurses were rude to me actually abusing me about the population growth in the local area as if it was my personal fault. another nutter black nigar nurses 2 were whores that was clear what sluts they were and piggish rude women and a few paramedics I would hit over the head if I could get away with it who were in the wrong job! still there is no excuse for their rudeness towards me when I personally did nothing to them for the abuse to take place in the first place from my betters, shall we amuse them a little. anyway what ever your purpose for abuse its been noted and is never forgotten! and not forgiven! and never will you be forgiven! I am not the forgiving loving kind and you taught me that so you only have yourselves to blame!"

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