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"Now that my childhood and teenagehood are behind me, and my young adulthood is about to end, I feel like I haven't achieved anything. All I do is complain and hate on others for succeeding in life, while I constantly tell myself I'm better than them, that I wasn't given the same chances they got, which is absolutely ridiculous, I fucked myself and did nothing to get out of my situation. I feel like crap. Never been with a girl, because I was too afraid to ask girls out, still is. Never went to social events unless I was forced to, because I felt awkward in social environments but I like people, you can't tell I like social events because I usually don't look happy in parties, I'm always too stressed. Never did my best at school, while I know if I would have tried, I would have done so much better than I did. Never took initiative of doing anything that I told myself I should be doing. I wish there was a "Retry" button to life. :("


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