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"I used to have a crush on this boy and we were friends until he became a jerk and now we're enemies. Now I have a crush on my closest friend who is a girl but I know I'll never tell. She has beautiful blue streaks in her hair and is the smartest girl I know. I've told her all about the boy and my dad moving out to live with some other woman but I don't think I can tell her how I feel. I constantly fear that no one likes me and I feel so alone. I've peeled off the skin on the bottom of my feet so every step I take is a painful reminder of how weak I am and the boy calls me a klutz because of this. Sometimes, I feel like ending it all. I've started to become more and more afraid of things that didn't use to bother me. If I tell my mom, I'll just be a bigger burden. I haven't told my friend about this because I feel like I hurt everyone I'm close to. I wish she knew I liked her and liked me back too "


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