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"Sometimes I really fucking hate being a nice person because people always take advantage of it and see me as a pushover. My supposed "best friend" (and 99% of people in my life) constantly takes me for granted and does not appreciate shit that I do for her. When I do something nice for people, I do not do it with the intent of receiving compensation, I do it because I care. It really sucks and angers me that I bend over backwards for her and never ask her for a damn thing while she constantly takes advantage of me. Whenever I try to stand up for myself suddenly I'm a bad person and that's what I try so hard to avoid doing because I know what it's like to have mean/awful people in your life. She ruined this one thing for me and had the nerve to give me an attitude because she's a selfish bitch and I've just about had it. I've slowly resented you but now I fucking hate you. I'm done with your bullshit because I just cannot handle you anymore. Honestly Fuck you."


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