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"Today I woke up with a sudden realization that I have not acheved any of the things in life that I wanted to do. I wanted to be a cheerleader. I wanted to play sax in band. I wanted to have good grades. I wanted to go to State with my best friend. Instead of all of that, I didn't register into highschool until 10th grade, I didn't put any effort into getting in band because the director said it would be hard work, I always went to cheerleader try outs but never had the guts to participate, I let my friends do my homework and I almost failed the 11th grade, and instead of going to state I attended a 2 year college that's only a 15 minute drive from here. Really sad part is that I didn't finish my 1st year of college and I lied to everyone about it. Now I'm pregnant with a guy who has already cheated on me with a perfect redhead within our 2 year long relationship. I want a complete do over. I hate my life."


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