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"I am currently struggling with being a demisexual panromantic in a family which, while claiming to be accepting, is not understanding. My mother believes that 15 is too young to make any sort of statement on who I am as a person and makes no attempt to understand my views on this- I'm trying to do little things to open up about myself, but every time I think I'll go out and buy that phone case with the pansexual flag on it, I freeze up and think of how she'll ask what it means and then say how I shouldn't be claiming such things about myself when I'm too young to really know for sure.... This is who I am. I can't imagine ever being any different, but now that I have words for it it's taboo. How am I supposed to let her see? (also I despise that this site makes you claim a "gender" rather than sex even though the only options are male and female)"


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