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"I can't take it anymore. I see myself, I hear myself and all I can see and hear is failure. I look in the mirror and I see a skinny, scrawny, weak and pathetic excuse of a man who even though tries his best to look good cannot manage to look like a real man. I love to talk but I hate my voice, its scratchy and whiny, its weak and not worthy to be heard. I cannot bare the feeling that I'm not worthy of love. I try and I try but have never managed to be in a serious relationship because all I can feel is that the woman that I'm with is worthy of someone better than me. I hate hating myself. I wish I can accept my flaws and the fact I don't look like a fitness model, don't have the voice of a radio host, don't have the confidence of a real man, and worthy of love. Why do I hate so much things about myself? Why do I insist in comparing myself to others? Why do I feel that I'm not worry? Why do I feel like an incompetent and failure in love?"


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