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" we all have our own. ahhh i just live what life i have and carry on. shrug. dont see any other options. cant say it hasnt been a wonder so far. umm damged does prevent me from seeing what is orrr what i see. do i feel like a pupet? yup everyday. ambition draing anddddd saps interest. after a point there really isnt anything else to say or do..cept what u do in reality. and we can all contribute something. there is always somebody in worse shape. mostly i live to distract myself from allthatis. as for fantasy....serriously if i was going to have a fanasy ummm dont seem rational that i would of picked this. but i dont blame anyone or thing. i think a limited number of indies thatattack unaturally is what causes damage anddd some stuff unintendeed. my position has and will always be ahhhh there are bizziollons of bleeps on radar and anything or body that twists my words to hurt other will face there own action"


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