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"my say I do cut myself. I do regret doing it, but I cant stop. my mum doesn't now. no one except for my best friend knows about me cutting. I try my best to hide it, turns out its harder then I thought. I have been cutting since I was in year 9, the reason was because I was getting cyber bullied from the people in my school. they told me to "cut deeper", "kill your self", "it will be a better place without you". I started to think that they was right and tried committing suicide at least 7 times, but it always failed. teachers started to realise that there was something wrong with me. then the police got involved I didn't know what to do. I am now in year 10 and I still cut but things are much better in school now. I still have my moments but I have come to realise that "i am only human". thank you"

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