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"Dear world, There is someone who I care about very much in this world, possibly more than the world itself. She is the most amazing person I know and she loves everyone so much, but too often she has received pain in exchange for her unconditional love, and she is having a hard time believing that life is worth living, that people love her, and that the world is happy, despite the fact that it can be cruel sometimes. So people of the world, Why is life worth living? Help me show this beautiful person that love exists and that she is worth every good thing. Take this however you will, tell me what makes your life amazing, or at least worth while. Tell me what you live for. Tell me what makes the world good. Send videos, write letters, or just share thoughts. I beg of humanity, help me to show her love, and hopefully in the process, everyone will feel a little love themselves. Most sincerely and lovingly, Hope"


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