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"I don't want a generic response, like, "I get you", or, "Hang Tough", because I my hatred is is much stronger than that. I hate my school. I hate everybody around me, and I want to break out on my own instead of being recognized for who my siblings are. Everybody thinks I'm some crazy freak, instead of what I want them to see me as, an intellectual who has great ideas, and an aspiring writer. I have no girlfriend, while everybody else has a partner, even some fat, 275 lb, double-chinned white guy gets a slim mulatto girl, for some reason! Anything I fucking want, I have to wait for it! if I want video games, I have to wait until I'm out of the house to have them! If I want to build a PC, Guess how long I have to wait? Fuck this shit, I hate every single one of these bastards, I can't wait to go to college, where I can finally be around people who actually have the same mindset as me, for once!"


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