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"I would like to see dogger whories and doggystyles and big men on their ass made fun of everywhere actually. for someone who gets out of everyones way when they are out for rooty-tooty;s and up to their doggin whoring, like I just get out of their way like a cannon ball so I can sit back and watch their freak shows and their freak sprogging and their stupid whoring land in their face with their sluts and wife whore dog creeepy ugly man beast witch wives and their mongrel sprog-doggin kids and sit back and laugh at their calamities and showing off and its funny watching parlimentarians make fools of them selves in parliment with grease all of their pussy lilly white ass hands, that is funny watching idiots make boss-cockyin of themselves, yeh there are millions of people I would love to see on their ass, I even enjoy seeing deaths on the news and think thank god its not me, and think they are all funny suffering. I love seeing people being robbed and raped and suffering. I enjoy seeing people being everyones joke. I did what everyone around me wanted and I am sick of it really. but I don't have the problems those dirty fuckfaces and their whorey dirty souls have, cuz life punishes you for all your wrongs and your kids wrongs and your parents and your great great great great great great parents and all your ancestors wrongs against any soul they have abused. life pays your back for all the women you sprog-sprong with and life will pay everyone back who has wronged me. I can sit back and laugh and watch the freak shows everywhere, the freak rotyals, the freak police and the freaker creepers ambos-ambongs and firies - flies freak doctors - mockers who abused me. russo the dusto fighter boxer and heather and joyce with their profound wisdom and abuse - yeh they get their comupance and people find out what sort of people they really are abusing victims of crime and its not my problem! I didn't cause their problems anyway. like someone said to me about kelly and margie in that disability choir disability bullies get theirs too for abusing, she will pay a piper one day and get done for her bouncing bullying controlling games. that music teacher margie getting her noise into all of the female choirs personal and romantic lives is dirty. anita and others bringing their work and home life problems to the choir is wrong and a user. you will get yours. anyway its nice knowing you get jobs working in a classroom anita but can't handle the kids and cant do your job that well. and all you can play is this childish game of "we won the fight" at the choir because I left. yeh you won, but what did you really win? a load of bullshit and trouble and your such a joke and so ugly anyway. you don't help or help anyone see counter 40;45- you thought we might help each other so why are you telling me and everyone all your pathetic childish problems, what why should I care about a whorey ugly doggerstyler ambino googlyeye sheephaired freak ugly face and ugly body like you and your mongrel sprogging fuck off whore dogbitch. I didn't even look! "

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