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"to be kelly's friend you have ben willing to allow her to control everything what you say to your lawyers or doctors or accountants and anyone else. she bullies a few of the girls in the choir I can see that. margie had no right talking to me about her husband and mother and daughter and all her problems and I never asked you to get involved in my life kelly. your a born trouble maker bully, bullies don't change they are what they are ! genetically. anita has no right talking about family problems and work problems at choir when she is not willing to listen to others problems. that is the way I see anita and why I told her to fuck off because she was just another trouble maker bully, she is not a good people person or leader like margie and kelly and I feel sorry for the others in that choir. they are being abused by a dickhead at the top who is a complete loser. inside of that loser is nothing! "

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