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"heathers advice caused me a lot of problems telling me to spend every afternoon pleasuring myself, all through my 20s, 30s and most of my 40s, as if that queer ugly had such grand advice for what she was doing was like I was on parole with her at russos and none of it made sense. I didn't want to see her and everytime I did have to or have to go to russo I would pretend I was someone else to hide the pain, the dread of going there and always being told your never good enough for 10 years really mentally effected me. I was not allowed a boyfriend, or to work because they got money to keep me on their books, so it all sounds strange. but so immoral and isn't about time someone other then me paid. like I really think these assholes should be punished, the sad thing is everywhere, for years everyone knows that the bad people and the bullies are winning in this world for the last 17 or 25 years it's the bullies who have won over the abused. I wish I had the guts to be a bully and bitch and I wish someone would help me be a winner. anyway, I think heathers advice was dumb, she gave me no choice because I was not even allowed a massage while seeing her, I was not allowed new clothes, or perfume or outings my life was around russos and her for 5 years and russos 5 years before that. we were to look for 20 plus jobs a week and show them the sheets of jobs and phone numbers we had contacted, we were not allowed relationships or dates out, we were not allowed sex or marriage or babies, I can't work out how russos were allowed to get away with this. why this crazy spastic ugly butchy dog old witch bitch was allowed to pick and choose who she bullied and she bullied a lot of people there. the woman is a nutcase. she should be locked up in a padded cell or something. crazed mad woman from hell. some imported greazy slag from lebinon that should be up on human rights abuse charges. when will it happen? "

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