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"My stepdaughter is 34 and she is in a sex less relationship with her husband who is 43. I know this because my fiancee tells me about things, apparently it's been 4 years since they last had sex. I try not to but I think about her all the time. She is beautiful and has a fantastic body. I have a suspicion that she knows that I fancy her. It started that I would pass compliments that I actually meant to make her feel good and make her smile as her husband doesn't. Somehow this has changed to a bit of flirting between us. I know it's wrong and I know I shouldnt but I can't stop myself. I really want to have sex with her I know it's wrong and I know I shouldn't but she is just so sexy and beautiful. Recently we had some alone time as she asked for my help with something and I think she knew how I was looking at her as when I left she pressed herself into me when I gave her a hug."


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