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"I am sad all the time about my life and I feel embarrassed about my resume and work history and the waste of time university study and why I was never good enough for anything, I feel like I cant have a relationship or baby til I have a job, rick said that is how life is and he is American so it has to be right, so I was told there was no point looking for love or romance or having babies with a job, not that a job helped much anyway and what pitiful efforts that I was doing paralegal/justice diploma and law degree and dropped out after being raped and had a strong I have studied a lot of short courses in health and lots of things and find study online so lonely and I feel my future is depressing with not much hope for skills, employment and relationships without a job your a nobody. I was bullied at Sarina Russo Job access and she made me fat not allowing me to study for 10 years or work or stick to my diet and exercise my back surgeon and psychiatrist wanted me to and she wouldn't allow me to do what I wanted to do. we had no choice she made me go on DEN before I even had a physical illness and would reject doctors advice letters and override them making my life so shut down without marriage, love, romance, fun, social life or income for over a decade that woman abused me like an insane ferret. Now I am 45 no husband no babies and my current doctors have said this has had a psychological hurt for me that these people didn't help me enough and what they did was evil. I left wellington pt family practice due to their laziness and getting my medical records mixed up with another person and their incompetence in treating my child sexual abuse issues and rape and stroke, all round very negligent lazy pathetic doctors there but for Dr Hill, Dr Greenbury and Dr Sarath. not impressed by RSL girl in a million quest and navy for allowing ken carey from hms melville to rape me and would like someone to sue them on my behalf to help me so far no law firm will help no parliamentary minister will help, not even the royal commission into child sexual abuse in institutions will help me and its so frustrating. my father went through the exact same thing being abused and thrown on the job and relationship scrap heap when he was 45 I was thrown there at 25. "

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