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"I have always been able to pick up old fart men, old women, stray animals and wild animals, kids, retarted people or even foreigners who can't speak a word of english, like one day this foreign woman came running up to me screaming for some sort of help and she couldn't speak a word of english. and I felt so awful I tried to help? but confused how to. one day a autistic woman came screaming around the neighborhood looking for Bear, he had got out and she was screaming "oh no Bear, Bear is out what am I going to do help, I will get into trouble" like over and over for about 30 mins and I came out to see what the problem was so she came over to me and it took a while for me to calm her down she was so convinced she would be punished by her family over it, she was well into her 30s with obvious disorder, weird men will come up to me, one old weird european man used to hang out his window and call out to me when I was going to the train to go to college or university, "want a cup of tea or coffee" and shaking his cup and I was saying "No I can't I have to catch a train for schoolwork, you know study and writting things down and reading" he didn't get it. anyway, i have dont know what is is aboutme, my mum says its because I don't look intimidating and I have a calming gentle repose about me, one of my bosses said that too, I couldn't see it in me. because if only they knew what I was thinking. the other day a guy with autism and intellectual disorder wanting shake my hand and I didn't even know who he was. other people have done this to me as well. when I was working foriegn men would follow me around the hotel while I was trying to clean, they couldn't speak a bloody word of english. and then working in medical reception all these severely intellectually disability patients, and people would say, "oh you cope well with them" but to be honest they frighten me. "

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