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"if you jason is a nice person he isn't, he lies, he has abused fans and then wonders why people see him on drugs or drunk and they gossip about him to to me, so you learn to avoid idiots, right, he would throw water in fans faces one girl had a slurpie like drink and he squeezed it to spurt water over her face and women came up and slapped them. they were rude and crude. you soon learn to avoid shitheads who are fake and rude and I don't even believed his father died - he is probably someone like that patell freak that killed patients - these foreign doctors . I admit jason was often nice to me and I was nice to him but a lot of people told me he would say to some rather inward girls to fuck off, after he invited them for drinks. so I some of these thinks I didn't see first hand I felt fearful he would abuse me after hearing things like when michelle told me he was openly taking drugs and being stupid and pretending to rape some roady. its not what I think is nice. I don't care what others think of me but I just think some people are fakers and gamers. "

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