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"to be honest tafe and university it not everything. because doing other learning and documentaries or short courses help build up bit by bit. we used to do 3 or 4, 20hr a week subjects and it didn't help me much. I admit I was lazy and could have studied more but I was depressed a lot because I had never been allowed to deal with the child sexual abuse stuff. what annoys me with virgina and shirley is that they had degrees in social welfare etc but the shit they were saying was upsetting me. firstly. to say kids who are abused who get help earlier in life are no better off is a absolute lie. the quicker you get police and psychological and educational support the better. secondly, to say that because I was abused means I am more likly to be a pedo myself is again another lie, I don't think you know how this made me cry and cry and feel like I was doomed and then others believed your bullshit. then 3rdly to say kids innocently sexually exploring other kids is the same as a pedo was the biggest lie and hurt, because in that case you would have every child of 10 or 14 labeled pedos any kind who had a little girlfriend or boyfriend or in teens because you made out that it doesn't matter if kids are molested at 4 or 14 and I disagree, I didn't have a choice. I was 4 when it started or younger with older kids but about 4 with the pedo, and yet you make out a teen of 16 being molested is equal when I was molested by an old man for 10 years from the age of 4. by 15-16 I stood up to him and had enough and got angry and then I was made to feel like a bad naughty child for getting angry. WELL EXCUSE ME!"

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