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"The novel I am writing might be published and nobody know that it is, in fact, an AU fanfiction with changed names. It's not that hard to find out I guess... nobody has read it yet who is also in the fandom, but eventually somebody will, and they will find it out. But I want it to be published so hard, I've been working on this story for three years. I'm sure everyone will hate me if they discover it... but I can't quit, I already told my friends about the novel and my publishing plans, I wouldn't be able to give them a reasonable explanation of why I stepped back - they hate fanfictions, and they're also writers, they would hate me for that. And if one of my readers will recognise it, then I will be humiliated and compared to 50 shades of grey or other terrible stories. I really wish I could get away with it, I'm terrified and I don't want this secret to be discovered ever, ever..."


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