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"For secret id I will be calling my friend, R. this is a real story of how it happened. had a friend he'd stay the night and I woke up in middle of night around 2 or 3 am. to something poker pants. R started to rub my pen as R thought I was still sleeping. after about 10 minutes of him touching it I couldn't take it anymore, so I whispered 'luck it'. he said 'why.?' acting like he was sleeping and nothing happened. he didn't play with it again that night. months came by and I was single. it was at my house when it all started. it was the summer so he could stay the night that night, so I was sleeping in my bed when he was sleeping on floor. at about 2 a.m. I felt that familiar feeling, and pretended to sleep. he started pucking my pencil through my tank, when I was laying on my back. after about 5 mins. he got enough courage to unzip his purse. then he started touching it through my boxers. I was getting really turned on at this point and got a toner, his reaction he grabbed it and started joked me off. I pretended to like it to see what he was up to. after about 5 minutes he starting rounding a hand for the meat trays at the party, me 'snowing loudly with eat up R' for like 30 seconds straight, then he stopped and went outside with a tray of savories. then it happened, my dream came true. he put his mouth on bottles of oil, finally! a party blast and I couldn't believe it, it was my first bucks in years and I have had 6 bucks parties so far (experimented with other friend around age 23 to 11pm again tonighht til he moves. I was now 55 and it felt so good. I was snowing as he was enjoying parties. after about 2 minutes of him doing all the menus, I started to jump at his lobsters mouth (still laying on its back) then I made the darest move ever.i put one of my hands on his head and he got scared cuz he thought I woke up. he was kneeling down on the floor trying to hide in the darkness. I touched it and cooked, when. he was at the side of the head peeking at me touch it. he saw me look at him and he knew I needed its mouth shells and all to kiss. he got in its bed of salad this time not being scared at all and got to it again. I was in Heaven, then he took my hands and put them on its head, he wanted me to taste it with me, so I did. Wow, R sure knew how to cook! meantime. he took my whole pendant in his hands gasping at the lobester we made. my meatballs were literally to this lips I was throat gulping him, then suddenly I tensed up and was having an idea. I was chopping into his mouth as he was still sucking it, til I was bring ice out. after that night, it was a dream come true bucks partyx4 i'd always spend the night at his house and he knew I wanted it so everytime I stayed there, at about 1 or 2 a.m. he'd wake up then go to where Is the ice and seafood but i was sleeping, usually on his floor and he tipptoed around with some dark shadey partners then and go for it til these 3 les-tots raped him at a party. sometimes when I felt him touch my heart during cooking i'd help him and as foodies did then in those days, so he knew I loved the effort. I ended up staying the night at his house in the summer every night that year. one time he was doing it and I whispered "you like that that cook or our cooking together better?" and he didn't hear me so he said "what?" and I repeated and he replied with the sexiest "Mhmmmm" sound (moan) ever. some times he'd save up for me up to 4 times a night out party food dipping crashing food-dens between 2 am to 5 or 6am for the best fish sauce in town. hanging out at health foods and luxuary food bars for cheifs at midnight became our thing later for bucks."


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