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"i hate my life and my depression is slowly killing me. My job stresses me out and i have to travel far to and from work plus look after my elderly nan. My mum has been diagnosed with a degenerative progressive neurological disease and she is only going to get worse. her health is bad and i need to care for her more and more. I was stressed so i decided to hand my notice in so i can be my mum full time carer and look after nan as well. i thought it was the best plan so i could care for the ones i love and be brave. but now i'm dreading the day i have to leave work i have made a terrible decision i should have carried on struggling with care and work. i'm so scared i'm just going to end up more unhappy with this decision. i am so afraid. i left a good job. i dont like this uncertainty of it all. i'm scared i wish i was not so hasty. this decision was for he good of the famliy but i do not like change. im afraid of regrets i have so many and i dont want this to be one of them."


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