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"Kathleen rides dog with Sanderson proof caught on tape. Srinivas- Posted 16 August 2013 - 01:35 AM Please be careful with this online class - Universal Class, Inc. [also known as UniversalClass™ or™]. Suddenly they suspend or stop your access to study online lessons with out intimation. I became a victim by taking a platinum membership. My account is suspended with out communicating with me. After repeated followups, I get a mail that - as I reused the content posted on their website in submitting assignments my access is revolved. When I inform that I will submit manually from now on, they never reply. I sent atleast 20 mails till now. THey are not bothered to send any reply to me. No further communication. If they are not happy with student assignments, they should intimate 1 or 2 times and then stop the access. They accepted the assignments for 26 subjects i.e. close to 100 assignments. THey allowed me to read 26 subjects i.e. more than 100 lessons, submit 100 assignments and suddently they have a problem. Not sure what they are doing for 4 months. Customer service is very poor. They have done follow ups till the time, I paid the money for membership. After that anyway they dont need you. This company offers a vast number of online classes, and some may offer value, but the math class I took was worthless. It was advertised as a math refresher class, which I thought would be helpful in my teaching career. Since I'm a credentialed teacher I expected some explanations, examples, and practice problems. What the website instructor offered was definitions, one example of each type of problem and a test. Some chapters offered websites for additional information, but some of the sites presented did not even pertain to the topic being studied in that chapter. Wed, February 10, 2010 another person hurt by the same company.Reported By: Crissy25 Universal Class, Inc. Online learning, they taught me not to expect education. I wouldn't say this is necessarily a ripoff, but the class I took was certainly a total waste of my $45.00 tuition. And then of course I bought one of the books recommended at the beginning of the course, which was not helpful either. Universal Class will talk to you to take your money but will throw you out if you question a test, InternetUpdated: Wed, June 29, 2011 Reported By: Amanda universal class abusive staff and bullying me Internet i bought 2 universal class vouchers from a similar to groupon site for myself and my mom and started doing courses the voucher was $96.00 for a full years use of all courses and you could only enroll in 5 courses at a time. they are very slow markers so you can't continue learning new courses, the idea is to take your money so you think you have access to all their courses for a year but you do not. they delay marking and take too long marking assessment and its really annoying all the emails you get from them about marked assessment. 1 teacher was especially rude and nasty to me when I was ill and would not answer any questions and they are just so slow and ingore you if you ask advice about assignments you have to write, its annoying that some courses have good content and what I liked was they have a voice over to make the courses interesting but there is not much other then slide shows with a lecture note on paper as well as read out but I like the voice over because if you are a slow reader or have eye sight problems it helps to keep up speed, their courses are basiclly quite good but the marking system makes no sense at all and its so set around individual teachers approving of your work and if they don't like you they will give you a hard time, I found accounting great and bible and fashion but one teacher who was using a fake name - named under a fake name (we will call her Cathy-Kathleene Corner-Corridoors who is a hugs dogs and god knows what else she does with dogs as she is one herself and ugly and old but really things she is hot sex raunch cougar-hummer- momma whorey ), was teaching real estate and she was an a*****e of a woman very bitchy and abusive ignorant and deliberate mind games of one minute ignoring your questions but sending spam emails about what assessment you passed or failed and she was deliberately failing me on some things to as a personal attack on me. then I made a complaint to a Mr Anderson Assmaen in admin they make out they are going to help with any tutor issues but this guy is a complete wanker f****t pig, he literally blocked me when I said "if you don't answer my question I am going to do something about it" meaning I would call ACCC and police and report the bitchy prostitute strumpet-Kathlene Corner-Corridoors in her pathetic games, these companies advertise to give a full 12 months access and to do courses but they just don't mark papers quick enough and allow students access to other courses til they say you have passed a course so you can be waiting for 4 or 5 courses to be marked for weeks and they don't make you feel like a valued customer. This rich bitch doggy face woman kathleen slutty could own many colleges, I have so far been frauded by universalclass with 2 x $96.00, gleezoo, learninghub/softskills with 3 courses,, odyssey learning academy with 3 courses, and I would earge consumers to be careful of all course content and the voucher fine print with groupon like discount sites, having said that, there are also some great online colleges who would never do this sort of abuse and teachers and admin would never abuse like, their behavior makes it hard because their courses are enjoyable and good but they don't help much and their certificates are not attractive and businesses don't employ you for doing their courses, because they are not like tafe and university and established campuses of quality so most of these certificates are not worth much I am sorry to tell people doing a wedding planning course with universal class or any other course won't get you a job and while the accounting course was very good and enjoyable it will not make you a qualified accountant or book-keeper its only at a beginner level. I won't rubbish every online course from discount sites but I am just warning people to be careful as some are just ripping you off and don't give a dam like LUXE GROUP (more like SUX/FUCX/FOXY cunning sly group). don't trust discount sites and colleges online that don't have a phone number and complaint where you proper help with a issue that only offer a email or response box because if they are real businesses that operate professionally they will have a phone number and they will call students and take the time to help and resolve issues so you are good with the services, Universal class where making out I was threatening them with terrorism by saying "or else" I would report them, which is such an abusive attack because I am in another country in Australia and they are american and sorry but they are more dishonorable business practices there then here and there is more violence there then here. they did not want to resolve the situation to support my learning progress or my satisfaction as a customer so it appears to me they either don't care when they abuse some people about their reputation or customer care or they just have petty personal attacks on certain people over a personal issue because this cathy- kathleene corner-corridoors covorter s***k lives in seatle where my aunty lived and I wondered was she attacking me out of family bias and had a fake grudge against me. all I can say to cathy-katheleen corner-coridoor coagar w***e strumpet and Mr Anderson Assmean is what a pair of con artist and scammy terrorists and its pretty low to attack a disability woman but it seems to be their idea of fun. this woman likes to win at everything and does not want to hear your side she just attacks and then blocks you like a child would. I have no respect for these people but the courses are good, but that teacher and admin officer are evil freaks. its like kathleen coridoor cathy corner wants me to sit in the corner like a naughty child but I am not naughty or a child. she is a nutcase. just because our names are the same does mean I want to be her evil twin. she is a nutcase. spastic ugly dog fucking as they cum! lol.... " I would like to see rich slut kathleen from Seatle USA fucked in a porn film and bashed til killed and her head cut off it would give me great pleasure. yes, I am always saying that. would you be interested in a porn murder gratification public execution style, I am always saying that enjoy it a great deal. I mean we are all adults here. you can try the hot iron poker rod! katleens kinky weirdo their exams questions made no sense. "

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