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"I paid my own evening school so i could achive more in my job, but this school costed to much money, now i got so many bills to pay, i dont know how, my bank account is 3000 euros in debt, its not that much actually, i get 1500 every month, so i could get out of it in like a half year without to much of a sacrifice, but now my paycheck is 2 days late and i got an awfull lot of extra bills because i couldnt pay them in time, its getting more and more, and more and more nervous, and i hate it. Money shouldnt rule my mind, but it does since this fucking school, i hope it was worth it in the end, but i dont think so. i wanna tell this to someone, but i dont know who, i got a new boyfriend but i dont wanna load this on him, i wanna talk to my dad but if its getting worse he will lend me money, and i dont want that, because my 8 years older brother does that everytime they see, i dont want my dad to think of me the same, cause i see this is hurting him, i want him to see me as an adult."


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